Serene Harbor has served Brevard County for 29 years; providing emergency shelter, a 24/7 confidential hotline, counseling services, transportation, relocation assistance,

support groups, legal advocacy, outreach programs, referrals and assistance programs to survivors of domestic violence.  To learn more about these programs, please call our hotline at 321-726-8282.

Services and Programs:

Emergency shelter for women, children and pets

24/7 Confidential Hotline

Counseling Services

Employment Assistance

Education Mentoring


Relocation Assistance

Address Confidentiality Program

Injunction for Protection assistance

Case Management

Support Groups

S.H.E. Employment Program

S.H.E. Education Program

S.H.E. Housing Grant

Micro-loan program

For more information on these programs or to speak to

a trained and certified advocate, call our 24/7 confidential

hotline at 321-726-8282.


Chair:  Suzanne M. Hall, Vice President, D&S Rental Holdings

Vice Chair:  Ellie Hoffman, Retired Collins Aerospace Program Manager

Secretary:  Dana Tolley, Retired Firefighter/Paramedic City of Melbourne

Treasurer:  Cathy Martin, Commercial Lender, Valley National Bank


Agent Neil Lee, Special Victims Unit, BCSO

Jonathan Skinner, Office of the State Attorney

Lucas Delgado, President of LANCAS, LLC, Investigations, Protection & Consulting 

Sgt. Brian Stoll, Investigative Services, BCSO

Angela Bundesen, Forecasting Analyst, EviCore

Beverly DeMeyer

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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."


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