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Holding On To Hope


If there’s one thing that we all could use more of in 2020, it is a sense of hope. It’s so easy to get bogged down with emotion and the weight of an endless news cycle sharing everything from riots to closed businesses to hurricane damage.

But…it doesn’t take much digging to find stories of encouragement; little nuggets of joy that bring hope. We have had our share of struggles this year with COVID, the shelter fire, and cancelled fundraising opportunities. However, we have had our souls fed by the stories of hope coming from the survivors we work so hard to help. A client was able to secure both employment and an apartment; another started the process to go back to school. Survivors attend our support groups and find themselves feeling more confident and less anxious. We help them file legal documents, keep their address confidential, and prepare for job interviews. Every step of progress snowballs into something better.

We celebrate every victory, every win, and every positive thing that comes along. When you focus on the good, you find reasons to be grateful…and you find hope worth holding onto.

If we can assist you, please call or text our hotline at 321-726-8282 or utilize our secure chat at (speech bubbles on the bottom of the screen).

Written by Nikki Helton, Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator

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