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Through the Fire

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Through the Fire

Smoke rises into the air and the people nearby begin to sniff; their senses alerted to potential danger.  Somewhere not too far off a fire burns through the dense vegetation.  To the casual observer, it appears to be destructive.  The forest is devastated.  But, according to experts, that destruction is simply a means to bring about restoration and health to the native plant life.  It’s part of a process, and though it takes time for the forest to heal, it eventually comes back stronger and better than before.  Sometimes the burning is controlled; fire set on purpose to initiate change.  Other times, the fire occurs without a plan, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have the same positive outcome.

In recent months, the work of domestic violence shelters has become shadowed by a raging fire of investigation and allegations of those whose job it was to provide oversight and funds distribution.  The eyes of the community have been redirected away from out outreach, prevention and services of care and instead are focused on the smoke rising from Tallahassee.  This wasn’t a fire set by plan, but like nature, we can and will use it to bring about restoration and health.

It may appear to be devastating, but it is not.  Our hardworking, honest and compassionate advocates, program directors and staff are continuing to provide shelter and services to those victimized by domestic violence.  Our mission is clear and we remain dedicated to the tasks at hand.

Yes, we are shocked by what has been revealed, and we can’t speculate as to the how’s and why’s.  We also can’t be distracted.  There is too much work to do, too many lives to save, too many people to reach with message of prevention and hope.  We’ll leave it to the experts to control the flames, and keep our focus on assisting the members of our community who need us most.

My challenge to you is that while your instincts may direct you to keep an eye on the fire, don’t forget those “boots on the ground” people who meet survivors where they are and extend a helping hand.  Your loyal and strong support ensure that we continue to be able to do that.  We appreciate your generosity and care more than you know.

If you would like to learn more about how you can become part of our compassionate and generous community of supporters, please visit

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