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Available Programs

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Available Programs

Serene Harbor Activities Programs: Please call 321-726-8282 for sign-up information
Program activities offered by Serene Harbor are for various ages from 3 years old to the silver lining. The goals of the activities are to foster empowerment, peace, joy, laughter, creativity, and success. Here is a list of activities to choose from with dates and times that fits your schedule best. First, vote on which activity you will like to attend on what date and time. Groups are currently offered online via Zoom.   Look over the list of programs below:

Finding Your Destination: One Sentence At A Time- Mondays at 11 am with Alison
Navigating to your destination isn’t always a straight road. There are wrong turns, speedbumps and going well over or under the speed limit. With your inner GPS, let’s find our destinations one sentence at a time. Careful! Rerouting may or may not bring you exactly where you are supposed to be.

What I deserve: From Powerless to Powerful- Wednesdays at 2 pm with Ash
This group will focus on identifying and practicing what you DESERVE through self and group empowerment. Self-portraits, self-esteem, weekly journal prompts, the power of goal setting, healthy relationships and focusing on your wants, needs and most importantly, what you DESERVE!

Serene Girls- Wednesdays at 2 pm with Alison
Unload and unwind during Serene Girls empowerment party hour! Enjoy some of your favorite songs, dance, socializing, chit-chat, singing and celebration of self with a focus on empowerment-based activities.

Squad Goals -Fridays at 1 pm with Ash
In the spirit of empowerment, let us work together on our assertive and healthy communication styles, support and empower one another, practice healthy boundaries/conflict resolution skills and engage in team building activities.

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